Striking Back Against Censorship

Don Charisma

I stumbled across this article on It relevant to anyone with a WordPress blog, and also to the wider content producing internet at large. It’s good that are fighting our corner, for a freer Internet.

For those of you haven’t heard DMCA means that basically if you use copyrighted content (whether knowingly or not) on your blog, can be forced to take your pages down. The system is being abused by unscrupulous people. The system can also be abused by copyright owners, who don’t actually have to now prove legally that you were doing anything wrong, they just submit a DMCA.


So the bottom line is that the responsibility has shifted on to you, the content producers. If the copyright owner files a DMCA notice, your content will be taken down, whether you were breaking copyright or NOT. It would then be up to you to argue your…

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