I Just Would Like…

…a quiet summer.

That was what I planned for this year.  A quiet summer where I could get things done around the house, lots of art time, and make sure I work on staying connected to my friends.

So far that is NOT how things are going.

January – March was pretty average.  I got a job, Emerald City Comicon happened, and I created some nice art.

April: Things get a little busy.

  • my spouse started his predeployment stuff.  30 days of daily drills, classes, and whatnot equals a grumpy and tired spouse.
  • A friend (who we will call Mr.A) moved up from Texas and we offered to let him stay in our house.
    • This friend brought another friend (who we will call Mr.X) … and two dogs.
      • spoiler, the drama starts here
    • Mr.A moved up because he had no support and was drinking himself to death.
      • Mr.X manipulated Mr. A into bringing him along.
        • Not a big deal, it needed to happen or Mr. A would be dead by now.
    • Mr. X proceeds to keep Mr. A inebriated as to more easily handle him.
      • There is a lot more to this story, but it is really long and annoying.
    • Mr. X gets kicked out for assaulting Mr. A.
      • More weird and long story that I am not going to go into.
    • Mr. A gets into a Detox program and seems to be doing a lot better.

May: Things seem to be leveling out.

  • Mr. A goes to classes, meets with specialists, gets help.
  • Spouse is less grumpy and almost ready to go, back at his normal job
  • I get to keep doing my job and arting.
    • Horray!
  • Mr. A reminds us that a stressful time is at the beginning of June.

June:  Explosion!

  • Mr. A is doing alright.
  • Mr. A is doing alright.
  • Mr. A is doing alright.
  • Mr. A dissociates and goes MIA for several hours.
    • seems like be bought a car, went to a bar, and liquor store.
      • discovered days after the fact.
  • Mr. A sleeps.  Mr. A apologizes. Mr. A sleeps.
    • Mr. A apologizes a lot when drunk.  He is sneaking out of the house when I am asleep or not home.
      • I find alcohol in Mr. A’s truck… then empty bottles under the bed… and in sports drink bottles.
  • I call an ambulance to take Mr. A to the hospital.
    • He passes out as the ambulance doors open.
    • I make this blog post.

I just wanted a nice summer of art, friends, and accomplishment.  So far I have stress, anxiety, helplessness, frustration, and friends.

I am amazed at the lack of information that is available regarding a lot of the things that have come into my life.

What steps should be taken to help a person with Dissociation Disorders AFTER they have dissociated?

What can a person do to support a person that dissociates, during an episode?

Is this like rape, where people are embarrassed and to talk about it? Why?

I do not understand!

And there do not seem to be any useful resources to help me understand.

I want to understand.  I cannot do what needs to be done if I do not understand what is going on.

Post ECCC 2018

It is always hard to get motivated to do things after I do a convention (here after referred to as con.)  It is not usually the physical exertion that gets me, it is being much more extroverted that I naturally am.  I liken it to being hung over from staying out to late for a few days in a row.
Today was the “hang” over day.  I could not get my eyes to stay open until 10 am.  My spouse was even worse.  I could not get myself to cook real food or dress in “real” cloths (wearing pajamas all day FTW.)  I read the comic books I purchased.  I highly recommend Bones of the Coast.  It is anthology of horror stories that takes place in the NW. I also picked up Aaron Alexovich’s Stitched.  Cute and I cannot wait to see what happens next.  I eagerly await My Black’s Don’t Match #2 from Drew Rausch.  I just cannot seem to remember to go to the website and read it.  I much prefer the book versions anyway.  I got another anthology, short monster stories, some were cute and some were scary.  I enjoyed it but I picked it up because it was 1, an anthology 2, the cover glows in the dark and 3, Aaron Alexovich did the cover art.  I already shelved it and, being the slug I am today, do not feel like getting up to get the title.
I also acquired several books.  By acquired I mean I did not pay for them.  They were given to me or left for “dead” at the con.  The Lok by Tommy Rice, looks promising. Grunts was given to me so I could “go on a blind date with a book.”  Two others were left in the Alexandria RPG Library and have yet to be unpacked and read.  It will happen.
I got a few peaces of art.  You will want to check my Instagram @bycarissac to see what they were.  The lazy slug in me is to tired to pull them over.  I picked up stickers for the first time.  I did not have a lot of money left on Sunday and I really liked a few things by some of the artists.  I have no clue what to do with the stickers.  I am not going to put them on my laptop.  I would lose them when it dies.  I might just put them on the wall of inspiration as space filler.
I took pictures this year!  I do not usually have a brain cell left at the end of the day to do that.  I saw some awesome stuff.  I love the cosplayers.  They are artists and brave.  One year I would love to do a cosplay.  Time and money and self confidence are not on my side right now.
Time to start on a new piece of art.  I am going to work on something for a contest for the Badass Art Group over the next few days.  We have to create a monochromatic piece in purple.  My favorite color.
Night all!

ECCC Looms

…and I am not as ready as I usually am.
On Thursday Emerald City Comicon kicks off.  For me it starts Wednesday.  I will be setting up the area I supervise and work in.  I have been doing this for 8 or 9 years now, I think.  I have lost track.  Either way, I am an “old hat” at it.  I am also not as ready as I usually am.  This is going to be an interesting year.
During this time I will probably not be doing any art.  I will be running around like a chicken that is missing its head.  I need to try to do some drawing though.  I want to get better at people and this is a great chance to see all kinds of people.  I will bring my sketchbook and what not with me in the hopes that I get something drawn.
I have a video scheduled for Thrusday.  So make sure you go to my Youtube Channel and watch it.  I will schedule a blog post about it as well.  A lot of scheduled content this week.  At least it will go out at a decent time of day and not at nine in the evening… or later.
The other day I finished this adorable ink wash painting.  It is a take on memories, feelings, and “vibes” that the memories give us.  I have a few more planned.  I am looking for suggestions as well.  I am looking for mundane things that you did with your parent(s) or things you do with your kids.  Things like grocery shopping, reading, dancing, dinner time… those kinds of things.  Stuff that you did all the time, and were routine at the time, but when you think about them the make you nostalgic.
I have not scanned this yet.  I have been working on a silkscreen project that is being a bit labor intensive right now.  *eye roll* sometimes things are harder then they should be.  I probably did it to myself.

Crazy Week!

On Monday I did not have much going on.
Today I have tons going on.  I should be going to sleep, but I needed to write this today.
No more slacking!  Do what needs to be done.
This week was crazy!
I started a second part time job, which is AWESOME.  Really the job is perfect for me right now.  I am not going to post much about it, but just know, it is there, and smells good (essential oil good, not food good.)
I went to the Dollar Tree near the office of my part time job one.  I went for face tissue, and came out with art supplies!  They had canvas boards and small canvases.  I was blown away.  I am going to keep checking back to see if they get paints (that are not in the kids section.) some of those watery craft paints would be awesome.  I want to do a “cheap art supply” challenge.  The Dollar Tree is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores for things.
With one of the packs of canvas boards (three in this pack) I created a nice lighthouse scene.  The challenge for this piece was to use as much water as possible.  I used a trusty spray bottle to get the extra water on the canvas board.  The paint did some really neat things.  I borrowed a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.  THEN I realized I could use the dryer to push the paint around and did the waves and spray in the bottom panel.  So fun. I really need to buy a small hair dryer.
Last night (Wednesday night) I had an awesome idea for a series of tutorials.  I hope I can get everything together and do them this weekend.  Maybe I can squeeze in a Patreon video and a general introduction video.
I will be working on getting time lapse videos put together this weekend, so there will not be a video-less Thursday for a while.  I have tons of footage of me creating things.
Wow, so much going on.
Sleep is calling.
Have a great weekend!

Happy President’s Day

I just burnt my mouth on some Hot Apple Cider.  Ooooowwww.
That will teach me to start something and forget that the drink is still hot.
That is not what I am going to write about today.
Honestly I have no idea what to write about.  Monday blog posts are hard for me.  If I have been lazy over the weekend, then I have not much to write about.  If I was active, I forget that I need to write and then become stumped.
Today is a mixture of both.  I was lazy and I have not done much since Thursday (lots of reading!)  I did get my butt in gear yesterday and started something new.  I did a bunch of errands today AND started a silkscreen project!
I have been thinking about all the meaningful and mundane things that I did (most of us probably did) with our parents.  Trips to the grocery store, having a meal in a diner, fishing, swimming lessons, just going for a walk.  Maybe even the silly things like dressing in their cloths, stealing their cigarettes, and playing house.
Mostly I have thought about all the times I went to the grocery store.  I cannot even remember the mundane ones.  I remember the one where I vomited in the car as soon as we got home, chicken noodle soup all over the passenger side.  I remember the trip where one of us kids was riding the back of the cart and the other rammed it into the apple display.  I also remember the one where I got separated and lost.  One of my favorites is the time we went shopping and had to ride the bus. I had to help carry groceries and Mom asked me to itch her nose.
Despite those I know there were some that were actually good mundane trips.  Where we did not cause a problem for mom or have anything that made it memorable, but it is still worth cherishing.  Mundane events that, maybe, someone watching had a nice thought. These are the ones I want to try to capture because those are the special ones.  They have all the feelings because no-one thinks they are special.
I have a few ideas for camping “memories” and eating out.  I am always interested in suggestions to add to the list of things to paint or draw.
No drawing or illustration for today’s post.
I am also going to be busy this week.  I am trying out another new job.
Plus gearing up for Emerald City Comicon.  So close yet so far away.

Slow Week, Art Wise

I have not done a lot of art this week.  I did a lot of cleaning over the weekend, worked, errands, and just kind of recovered from the rush of the skulls.  Sometimes doing a series in a rush, like I did, just drain the artist and a recovery period is needed.  I do not do much cleaning when I am in a rush like I was, so that was a huge thing to get done.
My cell phone died on Valentines day.  I woke up and the alarm had not gone off, the screen would not turn on and the notification light was blinking away.  I spend most of the day running around doing errands.  I had to take stuff back to the print shop because the prints were not cut right and some of the cards had weird lines on the insides… Can not sell stuff that is messed up!
Today I did a loose illustration style ink wash painting of one of my cats, Nunzio (he is named after a body guard in the Myth Adventures book series.  Totally worth reading if you like punny stories.)  I was going for something that reminded me of a storybook that I might have read as a child, something that is still used in books or in magazines.
This style was hard to do!  I like to have details and vibrant colors and a lot more definition in my work.  Not with this style.  This is pale, low color saturation, and just loose, and soft.  It was so hard to stop adding things.
I also did this on watercolor paper, usually I use Bristol, which is very smooth and a brilliant white.  Watercolor paper let the inks bleed and feather more easily, so things are just naturally softer.  I did not have to work as hard to make them seem soft.
I will be doing several more in this style on the watercolor paper.  I have been practicing drawing people so I can freehand them on this paper.  I have to practice and not use my light table like I would normally.  I got a watercolor paper block.  Which is a bunch of sheets of paper glued together on the sides.  This helps prevent warping for those of use who are to lazy to stretch or iron our paper (I did not even know that was a thing until last year.)
I am trying to get my Instagram account follower numbers up to 300.  When I get there I am going to do a drawing for a mouse pad with the Grunge Skull on it.  If you are interested in a super cool mouse pad follow me on Instagram @bycarissac.

It’s Thursday!

And that means another blog post.
That I am not prepared for.
I did NOT do any of the business related things I needed to do today.  I did some chores and watched out takes from “Whose Line is it Anyway?”
I should have taken pictures of the postcards that came in yesterday.
I should have edited a video for YouTube tonight (should have done that a few days ago, really.)
I should have done a few other things that escape my mind right now.
I did none of those things.
I chilled.
I DID practice drawing people for 45 minutes or so.
I need to practice more so I can do some of the cool things I have planned.
The person I practiced looks very ‘derpy’ and I will need to practice several more times … or find a good way to cheat 😉
 I leave you with this cute picture that I did for valentines day.  I will post videos and what not tomorrow, that is all that is on my plate.

February, Planning for the Summer

PunkRockSkull_ThumbI have spent the past week working on new art (yaaay!)
I have been looking for places / events to sell my art.
It can be hard to find places that work for dark or creepy art.  Harder to find ones with reasonable table fees and that does not make one jump through crazy hoops.
I have confirmation for two so far.  Dark in the Park in July in Pacific, Washington.  Yes, there is a town in Washington named Pacific.  That threw me when I first found out.  It is just north of Puyallup.  I also signed up to do a dark themed event in November, right after Thanksgiving, the Feast of Beasts.
I sent out applications for five other events, one is a wait list.  I hope to hear back on those, soon.  They are in Seattle.  I will post more about those when I hear back.  There is another Seattle one that has not posted their application yet.  I am eagerly awaiting it, as I already have someone to share the space with.  If all goes well that will be 8 larger events. I hope to get some smallish ones in as well.  I really enjoyed Oddmall Tacoma last year.
I want to expand my inventory beyond paper products. I picked up a silk screening kit.  I want to see if I can design something to put on shirts or maybe tote bags.  One color jobs as it only came with one screen. I have an idea for a few things that might work.
Suggestions for things that can be easily hand made and/or and cheaply purchased are welcome.
In other events:
I am gearing up for Emerald City Comicon.  I have been working the event for many years, 6 or 7 years I think.  I am super excited to go through Artist alley and see what new stuff my favorite artists have done.
I almost forgot!
I posted the video of me painting Starry Tacoma Night!
Check it out.

January in Review

A day late.

I do not have a good reason for not posting yesterday. I was creating art and time got away from me. There were a few other things I wanted to do yesterday as well, but I ended up doing them today.  All because of the art.TacomaStaryNight_Small

I am transferring the video files from my camera to my computer so I can edit video as well.  I hope to have something for you tonight.

Today is a good day to cover all the stuff I did in January.





  • A lot of it was work at my part-time job.
  • I also had 4 interviews for more stable
  • work (these take a lot of energy.)
  • I created three Valentine’s Day themed paintings, two ink wash and one gouache.
  • I created three Music themed Skull paintings, ink wash.
  • I did two small acrylic paintings.
  • Ordered postcard sized prints of the Valentine’s Day things.
  • Updated the e-shop and gallery.
  • The rest of my “free time” was spent streaming TV, reading manga and just avoiding working on art.

Looking at this list it feels like I did not do much.

I have to remind myself that I did not do anything much during the first two weeks of January, just streamed TV shows, read manga, and was generally unmotivated. I went from dealing with one frustration to the next and then trying to escape for a while.

Almost all of the art came from the last two weeks. Once I started on the Valentine’s Day art I just could not stop. I just kept going. I was inspired and the motivation to create just kept coming.

I created 7 new things in two weeks (one of the paintings was done in early January.)

February looks to be quite busy also.

I am trying to find events to vendor at.

I have made “dates” to have coffee with some new friends.

I should be starting a second art related part time job. I am super exited, I have been looking for an art related job for ages.

I am actually reading books! I am also taking a lot of old books to a second hand book store to see if I can get a few dollars for them. Any amount helps to turn things into art 😉

I also have a few ideas for other arty projects. I just have to figure out how to make the upcycling bit of the project work with the arty part of the project.

OMG! A Scheduled Blog Post!

A blog post on the scheduled day?  How could I!
In all seriousness I just did not have anything to write about.  It is challenging to come up with something to write about twice a week.
It would be awesome if you awesome readers could give me a hand.


I am not sure what to write on Mondays. I ran out of motivation for Motivation Monday, and my life is just not interesting enough for me to post about that weekly.

I was thinking about doing product reviews or some simple tutorials.

Maybe a random topic selected from a comment on a previous post, or from Facebook or Instagram?

Ask me a question or give me a suggestion so I can write about that on Mondays!

It gets better!

The person’s who question I choose to answer will get free art!

Questions should be art or business related.

Leave a comment or send me an email at carissa at artbycarissac dot com.